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There are strange goings on at Brindabella Homestead. Every time someone visits the house, they seem to come to a sticky end. Who is committing these horrible murders? Could it be the glamorous socialite Mrs Peacock, owner of Brindabella? Perhaps it is her step-daughter, the lovely Miss Scarlet? Scarlet’ s boyfriend, Professor Plum, has charm but is he to be trusted? The family cook, Mrs White, seems a kindly old soul. But looks can deceive! Colonel Mustard’s fine war record would suggest an upright gentleman. But is he? And the good Reverend Green? Surely a man of the cloth couldn’t be a killer…or could he? Based on the popular board game and adapted from the half-hour British game show of the same name, the hour long Australian “Cluedo” is an innovative mixture of drama and quiz, using our own computer-based audience voting system. The entire 150 members of the studio audience get to play ‘detective’ and solve the murder mystery presented to them. The studio and home audience watch a pre-recorded drama where a murder takes place. Members of the studio audience are then invited to use their electronic selectors to choose who of the six suspects committed the murder, which of six possible weapons was used and in which of the six room of the mansion. The cast of suspects are then brought “live”, in costume, into the studio. The host invites the audience members to interrogate and accuse the suspects and to state their deductions based on the evidence. More of the drama is played revealing more evidence and, again, the audience question the suspects. Polls are taken intermittently to feed back to the audience the most and least suspected. The first audience member to correctly select the murderer, weapon and room, using their electronic selector, wins a major prize. The process of elimination after each drama portion and incorrect deduction will reduce the choices until a winner is found.

COLONEL MUSTARD … George Mallaby
MRS PEACOCK … Jane Badler
MISS SCARLETT … Nicola Paull
MRS WHITE … Joy Westmore
DETECTIVE BOGONG … Frank Gallacher

Pilot produced in 1991
Series I 13 episodes (including reshoot of pilot)
Series II 12 episodes

Televised 1992-1995

Brindabella Mansion location - Billila at Brighton Interiors - Crawfords studio 2 Quiz - Channel Nine studios

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