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A daring theft…and a fabulous opal necklace planned as Australia's gift to the Queen during her 1954 visit is stolen. Men are killed and the necklace is planted in an innocent girl's luggage. So Barbara Dean, a nursing sister heading for a tiny inland mission hospital, leads the robbers into the heart of the continent - and an orgy of menace and bloodshed. Now a woman is murdered…a truck hijacked…and terror comes to the loneliest road in the Australian Outback. The killers, fleeing from Alice Springs after the brutal murder, hide on the battered truck carrying mail, food and supplies to the remote cattle stations along the Birdsville Track. Once a fortnight, truck driver Dave Mitchell journeys across the sand dunes, salt pans and the fearsome Stony Desert on the toughest mail run in the world. But this trip he is carrying passengers - Barbara Dean and the two gunmen, who burst upon the solitude of the desert with lethal impact. This is a story of desperate men and lonely people. It is an action-packed drama, in which characters act under the awesome influence of the vast emptiness that is the Australian Outback.

BARBARA DEAN … Rosey Jones
DAVE MITCHELL … Steve Jacobs
IVAN … Swawomir Wabik
BETTY SPENCER … Joy Smithers
JACK ' THE DOGGER' HARRIS … Martin Vaughan
MRS SPENCER … Ruth Cracknell
EVE SCOTT … Kim Krejus
BILL SCOTT … Peter Fisher
TIM SANDERSON … Gerard Maguire
MARGARET SANDERSON … Christine Mahoney
DENZIL LEARY … Ross Graham
MRS LEARY … Joy Hruby
MRS CHARLES … Margaret Ford
ROY … Neil Melville

Produced 1986
First televised June 1986
Executive Producers: Hector Crawford, Ian Crawford & Terry Stapleton
Producer: Brendon Lumney
Director: John Power
Writer: David Boutland
Associate Producer: Mike Lake
Shot in Broken Hill, Hawker, Korong Vale, Green Hills near Melbourne.

  • The truck used in the mini-series was a 1965 Army Truck - an International which Crawfords Art Department converted. They actually made three trucks because of the great depth of terrain over which the series was shot. It took nearly six weeks to build with modifications. One truck was converted to diesel so the truck could be submerged for river crossing scenes.
  • An old abandoned windmill was found just out of Broken Hill.
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