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A spin-off from the successful series - The Sullivans.
1941 - and a frigate is torpedoed in the Eastern Mediterranean. John Sullivan is rescued by a group of Yugoslav Chetnik guerrillas in a small boat travelling across from Egypt. The Chetnik leader, Marko Karadjic, forces John to travel with him up through Greek Macedonia to a village in Servia, where he is made to practise as a doctor. In one of the raids John saves the life of beautiful Jewish girl, Nadia Mose. They come to love each other, and live together in the Chetnik village. The village is besieged by the Gestapo and John gives himself up as a result of the cruel slaying of Marko’s son. He is brutally treated, but Nadia organises his rescue. John meets an English agent, Major Barrington, who rekindles in him a yearning to return to his own people. Barrington dies, but John makes contact with Captain Meg Fulton, an English Special operations agent. Before he can persuade her he is what he claims, he is dragged away by Stipra, and forced to return to the Partisan hideout. Meg is startled to find that her superiors in England believe John may have information that may be useful to them. They send her back to Yugoslavia to bring him out. There is a battle in progress when Meg flies in. John Sullivan is operating a medical aid post up near the fighting. Meg persuades Nadia to go through to him, and let him know she is waiting. Dodging through the mountains, they cross a minefield. An explosion - and John is shattered almost beyond recognition. But there is still life in the body of John Sullivan which Meg Fulton flies from Yugoslavia to England, leaving Nadia to fight on in Yugoslavia.

JOHN SULLIVAN … Andrew McFarlane
NADIA … Vera Plevnik
STIPRA … Frank Gallacher
MARKO … Ronald Lewis
VLAD … Johnathan Hardy
BILJANA … Carol Burns
LT. RANKE … Ronald Falk

Executive Producers: Hector Crawford, Jock Blair
Producer: John Barningham
Director: David Stevens
Writers: Tony Morphett & Brian Wright


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