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Ryan. A private investigator who moves with the sleekness of a cat, and a mind that can often be as cold and calculating as that of his foe. Ryan is a dangerous man…but only to his enemies. During office hours, which tend to be very flexible, Ryan is assisted by his Girl Friday, Julie King…who’s very attractive and very bright. Ryan’s world is often one of violence, conflict and emotion, whether it’s the waterfront, the suburbs or the corporate world, they all have their crime…and they all need Ryan. If anyone can get it done, Ryan can.

MICHAEL RYAN … Rod Mullinar
JULIE KING … Pamela Stephenson
TONY ANGELINI … Luigi Villani
DET. CULLEN … Colin McEwan

39 X 1 hour Episodes
Drama Series produced in 1972-1973 (the character Ryan appeared in a Homicide episode “As Simple as ABC” after the completion of the series).
Televised weekly in Australia from 27 May 1973 - 19 April 1974


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