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In this espionage series, John Hunter is an Australian security agent working for SCU3, a division of COSMIC (Commonwealth Offices of Security and Military Intelligence Co-Ordination). Charles Blake is the head of SCU3, which operates under the 'front' organisation of Independent Surveys. Kragg is a subversive agent working for CUCW (Council for the Unification Of the Communist World). He later defects and joins COSMIC. Mr Smith is the head of the Australian branch of CUCW.

JOHN HUNTER Tony Ward (eps. 1-57)
GIL MARTIN Rod Millinar (eps. 56-65)
KRAGG Gerard Kennedy
MR SMITH Ronald Morse (eps 1-31)
EVE HALLIDAY Fernande Glyn (eps 1-26)

Support Cast:
JULIE COLEMAN Anne Morgan (eps. 9-65)
GEORGIE SAVAGE Patricia Savage (eps. 24-31) VARGON Jack Hume (eps. 19-31)


65 x 1 hour episodes (b/w)
Produced 1967-1969
First televised July 1967 (Melbourne)
Producers: Dorothy Crawford & Ian Crawford

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