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A contemporary thriller set in the nomadic world of international backpacking, BACKLANDS pits a brave young woman against monstrous evil, charts her desperate struggle to survive in a strange land, and traces her journey to eventual self-discovery.
Julia Brandt is nineteen. Adventurous, certain that something's missing in her life, she rejects her overbearing mother - and sole parent - Hanne's demands that she stay home in Munich, and sets off for Australia on the backpacker trail. En route for Melbourne, Julia meets two Australians, Mark and Sandy, who use her as an unwitting mule to smuggle heroin through customs.
This eventually leads her to a critical point in her life. When all those about her are losing their heads, and their lives, Julia will come to face a difficult truth. The father she thought was dead is alive and well and living in Australia, but could he possibly be the serial killer preying on young backpackers in Australia's Backlands? ?

Det. Constable Steve McNamara... CRAIG McLACHLAN
Hanne Brandt... SUSANNE LOTHAR
Julia Brandt... DENISE ZICH
Archie Wilson... NICHOLAS BELL
Mark Penhalligan... BRETT TUCKER
Uncle Max ... DIETER LASER
Chief Inspector Peck ... Mark Mitchell
Tim Wilson ... Oscar Redding
Jerome Delaunay ... Bernard Curry


Directory: Martin Buchhorn
Executive Producers: Bruce Gordon, Veith von Fürstenberg
Producers: Mike Bäuml, Tom Parkinson
Screenplay: John Reeves


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