Outward Bound

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"Outward Bound" takes ten 14 year olds on an adventure they will never forget! A journey that will take them to the Snowy Mountains for an epic assault on the elements, learning to cope with solitude, exhaustion, camaraderie and teamwork.

Under the careful expertise of the Outward Bound instructors, a group consisting of 5 Australian 14 year olds are joined by 5 Americans to undergo tuition with the international organisation Outward Bound. For the first two days the tuition consists of pitching tents, packing and organising food rations for he various food drops throughout their course and learning to rock climb in teams of support groups.

The prelude is preparation for a trek into the wilderness where they will continue their journey for the net twelve days. With civilisation out of sight, the kids must face up to their most primitive fears - heat, rain, no toilets, no baths or showers, cold rations and challenges that would have most adults shrinking with horror. How the children will take their culture shock is unpredictable but the kids will be monitered closely by the experienced instructors from Outward Bound who will teach them to manage their fears of the unknown and turn the journey into a voyage of discovery.

On return it can be guaranteed that no participant will be the same. Tired, dirty and emotional the children will have to say goodbye to the close relationships they've developed with strangers. Armed with experience, the children return to the security of their homes with a desire to challenge themselves in all facets of life and ability to think outside the square!


8 x 30 minute TV reality series.

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