Crawfords Productions proudly bears the name of Australia's legendary entertainment mogul, Hector Crawford.

From its beginning as a radio production facility in 1945, the company has grown into a television production powerhouse that now has over 3,000 hours of top-quality and multi-award winning television programming available - all produced by Crawfords Productions.

The company has changed radically over the years. With Hector Crawford at the helm, Crawfords produced a string of domestic prime time drama successes, and became an on-the-job training ground for many of Australia's most famous performers, producers, writers, directors and other behind-the-scenes luminaries. [You can trace many of their names on this site - see how the smash success of Nick Giannopoulos in The Wog Boy had its roots in Acropolis Now, the classic Crawfords Productions sitcom of the 80's and 90's!] The Sullivans was seen in over 70 countries in the 70's and 80's and when Australia went to colour in 1972, production boomed! Later, The Flying Doctors would carry the Crawfords name worldwide. With the passing of Hector Crawford in 1991, Australia lost a great showman and entrepreneur, but the company continued to prosper under the aegis of Bruce Gordon, the Sydney-born producer once referred to as "the dean of international television", and the owner of Australia's WIN television network.

Today, Crawfords Productions is a flexible, dynamic production outfit that makes programs for the world. The recent slate of outstanding television drama includes State Coroner, Tribe, Warriors of Virtue II, the children's series', The Saddle Club, Guinevere Jones and currently in production - series two of The Saddle Club. Crawfords Productions is actively developing creative partnerships with respected international producers and production companies.



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